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Made from quality materials, our catering packaging material is ideal for use in your business. At Aberdeen Packaging Ltd, we stock a large variety of catering packaging in stylish designs that can make a good impression on your customers. Our range includes:

Safe and beautiful packaging for your food

Flexible and diverse range

At Aberdeen Packaging Ltd, you can choose from a wide range of catering packaging that can keep your food looking great and fresh. Looking for a specific product? Our expert staff will help you pick out something that's perfect for your needs. Contact us for packaging material for takeaways, butchers, bakeries and coffee shops.


We serve in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Banff, Moray & Inverness.

For food wrapping and foil containers in various sizes, call

01224 581 498

Catering packaging that suits your specific requirements

  • White sulphite, brown kraft paper bags and paper baguette bags

  • White and brown paper carrier bags - with tape handles

  • Greaseproof paper, tissue paper, silicone paper and white news offcuts

  • Black refuse sacks - various thickness/gauges

  • Gusseted biscuit bags and polypropylene bags

  • Film front bags and film front baguette bags

  • Clear tumblers, half pint and nip tumblers

  • Flat lids/straw cut lids and smoothie tumblers and domed lids

  • Napkins – various colours, sizes & thickness

  • Banquet rolls – standard and airlaid

  • Standard white plastic cutlery and black and clear cutlery and wooden cutlery and straws

  • Wrap master refill rolls for cling film and tinfoil and cutter box cling film and tinfoil rolls

  • Wooden cutlery, white & black plastic cutlery

  • Plastic sandwich cases, bun and baguette boxes

  • Plastic tortilla boxes and cardboard tortilla sleeves

  • Rectangle hinged salad boxes - various sizes and tamper proof containers

  • Black salad bowls and lids, black platters and lids - Rectangle round, silver platters

  • Microwave containers and lids - rectangle and round containers in various sizes

  • Round pots and lids for dips/sauces - sauce and jam pots with lids

  • Banquet rolls – standard and airlaid